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Europe: Project and Process

With this book the author wants to convey the relevance of two vectors that are part of European integration and the EU’s personality: the value to be both project and process.

libro_susana_del_rioThe key themes of the book are European supranational democracy; the participation of the civil society in the EU; the interaction between European citizens and the European institutions; education as a key element of active citizenship; solidarity, participation, and communication “in European”; and the necessary formulation of what Dr. Susana del Río calls: a new European politics, where a shared responsibility is fundamental to the achievement of a quality European democracy.

The author emphasizes that, to restore public credibility in politics, representative democracy has to lead the way, as representative democracy is complemented by participatory democracy.

Susana del Río has a BA in History, PhD Cum Laude in Political Science and received the Extraordinary Doctorate Award in Social Sciences and Law. She is a member of the Committee of Independent Experts of the European Commission “Citizens Democracy and Governance” and is author and director of the project “Upgrading Europe”. She is also the author of several books and numerous publications on citizenship participation in the UE.